Fifth Grade Pepsi Visit

Last week our fifth graders here at Pinewood had the opportunity to meet and learn from a Large Format Sales Representative, Mr. Vanwagoner, from Pepsi.  We began our time with Mr. Vanwagoner giving us a small glimpse into his life experiences, from childhood to his college education, that eventually landed him in his career.

Mr. Vanwagoner then went on to explain that all education and experiences aside, while invaluable to his job and many other careers, he wouldn’t be where he is today without first learning how to make a great first impression with a great handshake.

Confidence. Eye Contact. A Firm Grip.    

Braylon K. practicing a firm handshake with Mr. Vanwagoner.

The three key components to a great first impression and handshake.  One student even got to practice his first impression with Mr. Vanwagoner in front of the class!

After our lesson in first impressions, we got to learn how a sales representative actually uses math every single day in their job.  From estimating and percentages to fractions and multiplication, Mr. Vanwagoner explained how crucial math is to success in his career and many, many other careers.

We finished our time with a session of questions, answers, and even some trivia with awesome prizes for students who were keenly listening in during his presentation.

question and answer
Jolie S. answering one of our trivia questions.

It was a fun-filled, educational afternoon and a wonderful experience!

Thank you, Mr. Vanwagoner, for teaching us about how you maintain a great attitude and use tons of math in your career!

– Mr. Lohman


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