A Final Message From Our BYOU (Be Your Own You) Club!

Today, the BYOU (Be Your Own You) Club met for the final time for the 2014-2015 school year!  Throughout this first year, between 10-20 girls (3rd-6th grade) met every other week with Miss Bosch, the school social worker, to talk about friendships, self-esteem, and the power of positivity.  During a previous meeting, they began the project of creating a video based off of “Kid Presidents’ 20 Things We Should Say More Often“.  They had a great discussion on the negative words and comments that they hear around school sometimes, and then each girl created a poster to share one thing she would like to hear people at Pinewood say more often in order to make Pinewood a place were kindness and positivity are celebrated.  They did an AMAZING job, and the result is the inspiring message depicted in the video below.

At the final meeting today, the girls’ also talked about ways they could continue to spread this message throughout the rest of this year and this summer. Many of them decided to create cards or letters for their teachers in order to express to them their gratitudeIMG_7500 for all that they have done for them this year.  Miss Bosch also shared with them her “Gratitude Journal Challenge”, which was found on BYOU Magazine’s blog.  This challenge invites each girl to write down 5 things a day throughout the summer for which they are thankful for.  BYOU’s message to those who participate is, “After a while, you’ll feel a difference inside and will actively search for things during your day to write about in your journal at night. Pretty soon, your negative thoughts will turn into positive thoughts and you’ll be happier and healthier – plus, since gratitude lights up your eyes and brings a smile to your face, you’ll be much prettier since your inner beauty is shining through!” (byoumagazine.com).  There are also several other crafts, activities, and articles to read online if the girls are looking for something to do during the long summer months!

The first year of the BYOU Club has been a wonderful journey, which Pinewood hopes to continue in the future.  Thank you to all of the amazingly beautiful, caring, and passionate girls who participated this year!

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