Fourth graders learn about conserving energy from DTE Energy!

DTE Energy presented to the fourth graders about all the types of energy and renewable and non-renewable resources. We experienced how coal gets mined and how energy travels through our bodies. Thanks DTE Energy!P43koi1spGx7QK61r5SfWYFXXh-PY5m4MPr4fcXIXAVmuP2Y1cifbvdogT_EdELpO59W6oWGx9B9bzJDJ-VmQ0kPF9QzbTPDUCjeXNoaaAB-3rTpt358V_dA91E1CUnMqYKNml93w9W5KKbIwxh2HW0BZER4eSKQwQmeJQVZkmhllcaQAX0iSz2z078gSQNHDv2wKorxo-3DDMTi2-lrQHDqKcmjKOAIMG_1230

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