Our Last Week of Summer Reading Challenge 2014

What an amazing summer, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. As fun as summer was I can not wait to see all of our students smiling faces and start our best year ever!!! As a parent I always have hopes for my daughters for their school year, and as a principal I have those same hopes for every student at Pinewood. I hope that all of our students realize how much they matter and how special they each are. I hope when they walk into their classroom they feel loved and safe. I hope they have the opportunity to create something beautiful. I hope each of them has the chance to be generous and show kindness to other students and experience the feeling you get from that. I hope they come home from school excited about going the next day. I hope they learn that some of the most important lessons in school have nothing to do with academics and have everything to do with how to treat other human beings. I hope they feel awesome about what they can accomplish, and I hope they can say this was the best year ever. These are what I hope for my girls and for each of your children.
school open house

Here is a great blog post on the Scholastic Reading Challenge it lets everyone know that this week students can add minutes for all weeks in case they fell behind with logging.
So if you need to get caught up visit the Scholastic site and get logging.

Our Open House is tomorrow evening Wed. August 27, 2014, starting at 6:00 pm .We hope to see as many families as possible. And our first day of school is Tuesday September 2. Please remember we are starting 5 minutes earlier this year with our first bell at 8:45 am. For anyone who has not had a chance to get their supplies yet you can find your list here.
If anyone has any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, my door is always open.

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