China Day 8

Today is our 8th day in China.  We have taught every day we have been
here so far and then went sight seeing in the evening. I am exhausted
but looking forward to continuing working with our students and seeing
more of Beijing.
Yesterday we visited the Forbidden City which was built for Royalty in
1406 and was finished in 1420. It was so amazing to be walking in such
a beautiful estate that was so many hundreds of years old.  You can
see a few pictures below.
In class we have been teaching about the five senses.  One of the
lessons for touch that we did was on Oobleck and we were able to make
it in small groups.  The Chinese students have been working hard at
improving their English and describing Oobleck was a great activity
for them to practice.
The food here has been quite an adventure. Last night we enjoyed dinner
at a dumpling restaurant.  We had both fried and boiled dumplings
along with some shredded zucchini and potatoes.
My internet connection continues to be very rocky when I can post I
will. Thank you to Mrs. Essenburg for helping me through email so I can
share with all of you.

Forbidden CityImage-1

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