More News from China

After two very long first days of class myself, the students, and all
the teachers were ready for our field trip to The Summer Palace just
outside of Beijing.  The Summer Palace was built at the request of one
of the Empresses who wanted to get out of the hot city and spend her
summer relaxing in a more natural setting.  The Palace was beautiful
and very large.
It was so much fun to spend more time with our students and see them
outside of a classroom setting.  We ate a picnic lunch and  students
shared tons of treats and snacks with us, much different than American
food but still very yummy.
In the classroom I’m teaching Science.  The most difficult part is the
language barrier. The students are working very hard to improve their
English.  I wish I knew some Mandarin. Not being able to fully
communicate has forced lots of creativity in the instruction, which
the students are enjoying.
Pinewood students–remember to keep reading and logging your reading
minutes.  Also start school shopping using your grade level supply
lists (linked on the previous blog post) whenever you are able to. We
will be back to school before we know it.

2014-07-242014-07-24 copy

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