Summer Reading Challenge Week 5

On Scholastic we are currently ranked 422nd in the nation for reading minutes. Please remind your students to log their minutes and remember we will be having a classroom prize for every grade level as well as individual prizes for readers. If internet access is not always available your student can write down their minutes and have you sign them and bring them in at the start of the school year as well.
This week I would like to challenge our students to get involved in our Georgetown Township community. There currently is a proposal for the township to replace the empty K-Mart building with a new state of the art library, community/senior center, and township offices. Its important that our students are informed of what is happening in the community and this is a great opportunity for them to see the democratic process in action. On July 21 at the empty K-Mart plaza off from Chicago Drive there will be an informational open house.
What: Informational Session to Inform Citizens on Future of Georgetown proposal
When: July 21 at 6:00 pm
Who: Trustee Chad Tuttle, Supervisor Dale Mohr, Representative Roger Victory

At the informational session there will be large scale drawingskmartphoto illustrating the proposal as well as yellow tape showing the actual building footprint. There also will be ice cream served from Culver’s for the kids. This would be an excellent opportunity for our students to see local government officials and to talk with them. The vote for the proposal is August 5, I plan to take me daughter with me so she can see the voting process. I hope many other students are able to witness it and be involved for the meeting on July 21 and the vote on August 5.

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