Summer Reading Week 2: Another Great Day to Read

As I look outside today I think, Its another great day to read!  I hope everyone is keeping up with their summer reading challenge and logging their minutes at Scholastic.  Today I will share a few fun books that I believe all students will enjoy.
For students K-2 grade and Junie B. Jones book is very engaging and fun to read, as a parent I find myself laughing and jumping into the stories with my daughters.  Junie B is a very spirited student who does not have a problem sharing what is on her mind.  Her adventures in Kindergarten and First grade will keep you smiling all summer.

For students in 2nd grade and above I recommend Lemonade Wars by Jacqueline Davies.  This is a great story about a brother and sister.  The book takes you through the ups and downs of sibling rivalry with some amazing economics and math lesson mixed in so smoothly students do not even realize they are learning them as they read.  I was hooked on this story read it and find out who will win the Lemonade War.


My last recommendation is for 3rd grade through Jr. High students.  The I Survived Series By Lauren Tarshis, has a number of great books.  The series takes students into major historical events; 9/11, Attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Tsunami, Shark Attacks of 1916, and many others.  Tarshis stays historically accurate with these events giving students a great peek into history but tells the story from the perspective of a child experiencing the event which also gives the students the ability emphasize at a deeper level than just reading about the event in a history book.

What book recommendations do you have?  Comment below or email me and I will post for you  Here is one last summer tip from our friends at Scholastic:

Scholastic Video

Summer Reading Week 1


I am so excited to start my summer learning.  As an educator I know how important it is to continue being a life long learner to be able to be the best leader for Pinewood as well as set an example as a reader for all of our students.  In the photo you can see my stack of summer reading; journal articles and many books.  I will continue to post on the blog at least once a week this summer.  Part of my summer will be spent in China; I will be traveling with a group of instructors from Jenison representing our Jenison International Academy teaching for two weeks to elementary Chinese students.  I will share many of my experience here on the blog and am excited to share a peek at this corner of the world with Pinewood.

Please continue to encourage your students to read and track their reading minutes.

If you have online access use your log on if not use the NFL learning sheet that was sent home in Friday folders, all students who participate will receive a reward.  Students who want to share their learning please email me and I will post for them on the blog.  Currently Pinewood is in the top 500 schools in the nation for tracking our summer reading I would love to see that continue to improve as our students keep reading, reading, reading!

Pinewood has No Off Season: Never Finish Learning!

Pinewood students and families please join our Summer Reading Challenge.  We are asking all students to read, work on math, and write 15 minutes as many days this summer as they can.  Every student who participates will earn a prize in the fall.  There will also be additional prizes for class to class competitions, the top reader in each grade, and the building winner.  To log their reading minutes we are using an online tool through Scholastic.

Teachers have already signed your student up, please use your log on information so you can start logging minutes today!  Watch Pinewood’s minutes grow online, help us be one of the top reading schools in the nation.