Pinewood K-2 students lit up the Jenison Center for the Arts stage on Friday night with their beautiful voices and excellent behavior! The students spent many weeks in music class preparing songs fitting the theme “Everyone Has Music Inside” – there were motions, dances, instruments, and even some rockin’ guitar players! It was a successful program for all students!

Thanks to Mrs. Deleeuw for taking some great pictures of the kids!




We’ve also been busy in the upper el grades at Pinewood as well! Be sure to have your 3rd grade student sing the “Fifty Nifty United States” for you – they’ve been working hard to memorize all 50. This is a tradition each year in 3rd grade, and perfect timing since students are also working on studying the states in social studies.


4th graders are currently working hard to conquer the Green Belt song in their Recorder Karate Unit, which involves some difficult new concepts such as eighth notes and the new note E. Their careful practice and enthusiasm in class will lead them to success very soon!

In 5th and 6th grade, we’ve been working with the program “GarageBand” on the macbooks. Students were able to use prerecorded loops to compose their own music, and then successfully exported the files and uploaded them into their google drives. Many of them logged into their google drives at home and were able to download their GarageBand files on their own ipods! Be sure to ask your child to share their composition with you!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring break!

-Ms. Florian

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