GORGONZOLA Cheese Please?!!??!!!

GORGONZOLA Cheese Please?!!??!!!

This week Mrs. Vig’s class read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in their Storytown Unit. At one point in the story it reads “Life for the townspeople was delicious until the weather took a turn for the worse. One day there was nothing but Gorgonzola cheese all day long.” In response to this a student asked “What’s Gorgonzola cheese?” To find out, Mrs. Vig treated the first graders to a bite of this cheese. Here’s what Lucious and Luke had to say:

“I ate the Gorgonzola cheese. It made me happy. The cheese was creepy, awesome, and smelly. – Lucious

“I smelled and ate the gorgonzola cheese. It made me vomit. The cheese was disgusting because it was terrible, smelly, icky, white, huge, triangular shaped and pointy. -Luke

That cheese sure appealed to our senses. We used our describing and feeling words to write about our experience. Most of the students echoed the sentiments of Lucious and Luke. Now our homework is to see what our parents have to say about Gorgonzola cheese!

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