1st graders read great books during Holiday Break!

Welcome back everyone! I think it is safe to say we all enjoyed our extended break (teachers too!). I enjoyed getting the opportunity to read in my pj’s and drink hot cocoa. My students enjoyed reading over the break, as well. Here are some of the books they read!

“My book was called Jingle Bells. The characters drank hot cocoa. Hot cocoa is the best!” – Ashlyn G.    Perfect for a winter’s day!

” I liked Junie B. Jones and the Monkey Brain because Junie B. is funny. I like how she is nice to her parents. I like her mom and dad because they are nice too. I think you should read is because it is a really good book.” – Addison H.   I Love Junie B.!

“I read Lego Star Wars. It is awesome because the two ships crash!” – Camden M.

“The book is called Zero the Hero. The other numbers say they go can go right through the number zero. So the other numbers said Zero is not important.” – Brody H.                  You’ll have to read that one to find out more!

“Magic Tree House #7, Sunset of the Saber-tooth is awesome because it as a real sabor-tooth in it. Jack and Annie go back a long time. they travel in a magic tree house. They have to find a “M” thing for Morgan. She is in a spell. They can’t go home unless they find the “M” thing.” – Lainie M.       Check that one out at the library to find out how the story ends!

“I like Dragon Breath Curse of the Real Wiener because is has alive food. Some one gets bit by a hot dog. It’s a little funny. There’s a bunch of rats feeding a potato salad. The potato salad is the king of the rats. I think someone made up a dream.” – Joey M.    Wow! That one seems goofy!

What books did you read over break? Would you suggest for others to read it too? Tell us what the book is, a quick summary, and why you think we should read it!

Mrs. Smith



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