Pinewood Holiday Music Program

Pinewood 3rd-5th Grade classes wowed the audience with their wonderful Holiday music program on December 11th! All students looked amazing on the new stage at the JCA and they performed their music with so much enthusiasm and Pinewood Pride! Miss Florian was so proud of each student! The program started with 3 songs prepared by the PineCone 5th and 6th grade choir – an audience favorite was definitely the song “Shake Up Christmas” that really got everyone movin’ and groovin’. The choir kids did a great job setting the stage for the rest of the performance – From the lively 3rd grade “Bobsled Song”, to the jazzy 4th grade vocals on “Go Tell It On The Mountain” and cool dance moves in 5th grade’s “Hot Chocolate” – it was a great night of music making!

Thanks to all of the classroom teachers who helped make the rehearsal and program a success, and thanks to all of the wonderful 3rd-5th graders for their hard work and enthusiasm! Can’t wait to see what the K-2nd graders have in store for us in their March program!





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