Pinewood Safeties Rise to the Top

I just wanted to take a second to write and tell you how thankful I am for your safeties this year.  As a teacher, I have always appreciated the time and effort the safeties put in to keeping our students safe.  This year I have grown to appreciate the safeties on a whole new level. As a parent of a kindergarten student, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what your safeties do. 
In the morning, the safeties wave, say good morning, and hold doors open for my little one.  What a great way to start the day!  At lunch, it is great to know that there is someone looking out for my kiddo.  Whether he needs his juice box opened, a spoon for his soup, or just some encouragement to keep eating, it is awesome to know that there is support for him each and every day.  In the afternoon, Landon loves saying hello to all the safeties and thinks it is “so cool” that they know his name 🙂

Thank you so much for all of your hard work with this program.  It is so so appreciated, not only by the teachers in this building, but the parents of Pinewood as well. 

Thank you so much!



  1. Mrs. U’Ren said this well about our Pinewood Safeties. I love knowing that my daughter is being well cared for when she is in the lunchroom and outside for recess. Thank you Pinewood Safeties for doing an awesome job!

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