Why Do We Read?

Backpack Giveaway August 3 12-2 Verizon Store
Backpack Giveaway
August 3 12-2 Verizon Store
Why Should We Read?
On the blog this summer we have spent time talking about what we are reading and where we are reading, but we have not talked about why we are reading. Reading helps grow your brain. Students do so much work during the school year to improve their academic skills we don’t want to see anyone slide back over the summer. Research shows that most elementary students who are not involved in an active summer learning program lose about a month’s worth of reading skills from where they left school in the June. Beyond maintaining your academic skills, reading is fun. If you develop a love for reading you can always learn new things and find enjoyment from a simple book. Please comment or email me Why do you read???

Georgetown Library
The link above takes you to the Georgetown Library which has fun activities and events going on all summer. Also the used book sale starts this week Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

School Rocks Backpack Giveaway
Saturday August 3rd from 12-2 athe the Jenison Verizon store off from Cottonwood Dr. every child present gets a backpack full of school supplies.

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