Interesting Places to Read; The Zoo and The Beach

Maggie Smith and incoming Kindergarten student in Mrs. Machiela’s class got her reading in with a trip to the zoo.

Maggie at the Zoo
Maggie at the Zoo


Mr. Brunsink one of our fifth grade teachers has been enjoying reading at the beach:

My family and I are camping in Pentwater, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the beach. I’ve read The Hobbit and The Litigators. I enjoyed both, but my I really enjoyed The Hobbit because of the adventure, terrific description, and fantastic imagery. I read the book several years ago, but a really good book is worth reading more than once:)

Pentwater Beach on Lake Michigan
Pentwater Beach on Lake Michigan

Next week Georgetown Library is having a used book sale, stop by to pick up some more reading options by checking them out or purchasing a used book.  If you have not made it to the library yet this year its a wonderful resource.  Keep up your NFL reading and get out and enjoy the hot weather:)

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