The Staley’s “Never Finish Learning” Summer!

My husband and I just returned from a month long road trip! We traveled with our truck camper to Cape Cod and Boston, Massachusetts.  Seeing new areas of the country and learning about the history of our nation was amazing, it was one of our favorite trips ever!  

When we got home our kids; Joe, Andrea and Alli, were waiting to celebrate with us because….Joe had gotten engaged to his sweetheart, Carrie!  We had a big dinner party for our friends and family.  Then we headed up north for a week near Lake Michigan.  

We all love to read, learn about new things and work together while we are at home or on vacation.  Here are some pictures of our family reading, learning and being great “teammates” : ) Hope your NFL summer is wonderful.  I can’t wait to hear about all the exciting books, adventures and friendships you are making this vacation time!!


Why Do We Read?

Backpack Giveaway August 3 12-2 Verizon Store

Backpack Giveaway
August 3 12-2 Verizon Store

Why Should We Read?
On the blog this summer we have spent time talking about what we are reading and where we are reading, but we have not talked about why we are reading. Reading helps grow your brain. Students do so much work during the school year to improve their academic skills we don’t want to see anyone slide back over the summer. Research shows that most elementary students who are not involved in an active summer learning program lose about a month’s worth of reading skills from where they left school in the June. Beyond maintaining your academic skills, reading is fun. If you develop a love for reading you can always learn new things and find enjoyment from a simple book. Please comment or email me Why do you read???

Georgetown Library
The link above takes you to the Georgetown Library which has fun activities and events going on all summer. Also the used book sale starts this week Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

School Rocks Backpack Giveaway
Saturday August 3rd from 12-2 athe the Jenison Verizon store off from Cottonwood Dr. every child present gets a backpack full of school supplies.

Interesting Places to Read; The Zoo and The Beach

Maggie Smith and incoming Kindergarten student in Mrs. Machiela’s class got her reading in with a trip to the zoo.

Maggie at the Zoo

Maggie at the Zoo


Mr. Brunsink one of our fifth grade teachers has been enjoying reading at the beach:

My family and I are camping in Pentwater, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the beach. I’ve read The Hobbit and The Litigators. I enjoyed both, but my I really enjoyed The Hobbit because of the adventure, terrific description, and fantastic imagery. I read the book several years ago, but a really good book is worth reading more than once:)

Pentwater Beach on Lake Michigan

Pentwater Beach on Lake Michigan

Next week Georgetown Library is having a used book sale, stop by to pick up some more reading options by checking them out or purchasing a used book.  If you have not made it to the library yet this year its a wonderful resource.  Keep up your NFL reading and get out and enjoy the hot weather:)

Popsicle Social For NFL Learners

Popsicle Social For NFL Learners

Sorry for the short post this week, my family and I moved into our new home on Saturday and I’m still scrambling to unpack. Please come see me on Pinewood’s playground tomorrow Wednesday July 10 from 5-6 pm. I will be passing out Popsicles and can’t wait to hear what everyone has been doing for their summer learning.

I Asked and You Answered, But I Want More Share What and Where You Have Been Reading Like Our Friends Below

Mrs. DeWitt at The Grand Canyon

Mrs. DeWitt at The Grand Canyon


Students reading at Pinewood


Where has Mrs. DeWitt Been Reading?

My family and I just got back from a wonderful trip to the Grand Canyon area. This is us at Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. Our trip was enriched by all the reading we did. We stopped at several national parks and learned a lot about the culture and history of this area. Each area we stopped at had museums, brochures and signs with information about the Native American culture, geologic and pioneer history, and important safety information as well. For instance, while hiking, we read “Mountain lion have been spotted in the area, keep young children close to you!” A sign next to where this picture was taken said “On the rim of the canyon, if you start feeling your hair stand on end, leave the area immediately. Electricity is building up in the air and lightning often strikes the rim!”
Now that we are home, like Mrs. Barr, I also have a long list of books I’ve looked forward to reading this summer.  Next stop- the library! I hope everyone is having a great summer!
More students came to Pinewood to read this week also.  Remember next Wednesday July 10, 2013 from 5-6 in the evening Popsicle social for all of our NFL learners.