What Are Pinewood Staff Reading So Far This Summer?

What is Mrs. Barr reading?
What is Mrs. Barr reading?

Not just student’s need to read over the summer it is important for adults to read in the summer too.  I love to read for pleasure during the summer but I also have a stack of educational books and research studies I read.  Many times during the school year I do not have a chance to read a whole book so I start a list and that helps me guide my summer reading.
Mrs. Brown
Right now for pleasure I am reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, my daughter just started the series so we are enjoying the book together.  My favorite character so far is Rowley.  In one of the parts of the book the boys are caught by their teacher who thinks they are listening to rock music, when really they are just playing with head phones, even though they weren’t doing anything wrong Rowley started crying.  Rowley seems like he would be a great friend and very funny to be around.

What are other teachers reading?

Mrs. Barr
For the past school year, I have been hearing my students talk about a book they love called “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. One of my students, Kaden, even gave me a copy on the last day of school to check it out for myself. I decided to get started reading The Maze Runner right away. I am in the middle of Chapter 3 and am SO confused! As often happens in books, the beginning does lots of describing and introducing. Many of the words the characters are using so far are words I am not used to. I am unable to make connections to help me understand what is going on! I wonder what will happen to poor Thomas. He seems even more confused than I am!

Mrs. Takens
I just started to read Hope’s Boy by Andrew Bridge – his memoir. It’s an excellent book telling the story of his life in foster care.

Mrs. Vig
This week I started reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine
Boo.  I am already half way through the book.  It is about families
living in the slums of Mumbai, India. It is interesting learning about
the cultures of other people.  It is also sad to read about how
impoverished many of the people are in India. It makes me very
appreciative of the freedoms and opportunities I am blessed with here
in the United States.

Mrs. Essenburg
I’m reading a book that is an unconventional love story about a zombie who meets a human girl and against his nature decides to protect her. He then slowly falls in love with her, and as a result he starts remembering what it felt like to be alive again–and what it means to be alive.  The story has parts that are sweet and touching and poignant, not what you’d expect from a book about zombies. I’m about a third of the way through the book at the moment, I imagine I’ll finish it soon, I’m really enjoying it.

So now what are you reading?  Email me what you are reading and I would love to share it on the blog?  Maybe you have found a good book, a magazine, a web page, anything you enjoy let me know, if you like it other students will too and it could help give people ideas to keep their summer reading fun and exciting.


  1. The Timmerman Family
    Nick has read two books already, Croak and Seven Wonders, and is on Paranormalcy right now. Ryan has read a book called War Dogs, and The Expert Guide to German Shepards, and is now on Iron Man 3. Kyle has also been reading books with Mom, all about tractors and dump trucks. I have read one book called Not Buried Yet off of Ibooks. Dad reads the paper when it comes, and does reading Craig’s List count? 🙂 We made a point to go to the Library every Wednesday. We travel to Wyoming for their AWESOME selection of books for kids!!!

    • Awesome sounds like all the boys are reading a lot this summer. I have never been to the Wyoming Library I will have to try to make a trip this summer.

  2. The Swanson Family Reading Adventures:

    Maegan and Jillianne had their first Ruff Readers Session where they have the opportunity to read aloud to therapy dogs at the Grandville KDL. Maegan visited with Sassy, a gorgeous white poodle while Jillianne read to Molly, a Chow-Rotweiller-Boxer mixed breed. Jillianne has whipped through a couple of Elephant and Pig titles as well as “Put Me In The Zoo” by Robert Lopshire. Maegan is enjoying the book “Starcross or, The Coming of the Moobs!” by Philip Reeve. I am listening to the book “Never Knowing” by Chevy Stevens in the car as I drive back and forth to work and reading a memoir titled “Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle” by Mary J. McLeod. Their Dad reads the Baseball scores and Griffins’ Hockey team game re-caps online. 🙂

    So far the summer days have kept us busy.

    • What a cool program I have never heard of it before, I bet both the kids and the pets love it. I had someone else recommend Call the Nurse, sounds like an interesting read.

  3. Liam is reading the How to Train you Dragon series. If he finishes one before we can get the next, he goes back and rereads one of the previous books. He really loves them.

  4. I just finished another book. I read The Art of Racing in the Rain. The story is told by the dog Enzo. what a great character. He thinks just like a human although he’s really a dog. The book chronicles the life of Enzo and his family: Denny, his wife Eve, and his daughter Zoe. What a good read and fast too. The night I started I read 100 pages. I would definitely recommend this book. Now I’m on to The Astronaut’s Wives Club. It’s a true story about that focuses on the wives of the famous astronauts. So far it is really good.

    I hope everyone is reading. My former first graders and my new class too, I can’t wait to here about what you’ve been reading.

  5. Sheri, This was a great story, especially from reading from the dog’s point of view. The author also wrote this novel in a children’s version. I fell in love wit Enzo.

    Amanda Smith

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