Jenison Never Finish Learning Summer Reading Program

    Pinewood students, “Are you ready to be NFL players this summer?”  That was San Fransico 49ner’s player Joe Staley’s question to our students this morning.  But wait what does NFL stand for?  We were all thinking National Football League, as Joe said WRONG!  It stands for Never Finish Learning.  We want all of our students to treat this summer as their off season from school, and during their off season they still need to train.  All students who complete at least 15 hours of reading, just right books, will be entered in a drawing this fall for lots of fun prizes.  Some of the prizes will be signed footballs by NFL players, access to the press box at a Jenison High School football game, and lots of other fun things.  Our goal is to help motivate students to keep up their reading, writing, and math during the summer.  We all know how busy summer is and how quick it flies by but fifteen minutes a day will make a huge difference in where they start off this fall.
This blog,, will be used for students, teachers, and families to be able to share their summer learning.  If your student has read a great book and wants to share they can comment on a post, or they can email me and I will put their post on the blog.  Joe Staley will be checking the blog as well and will make comments to our students and share his off season work.Image

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  1. I would LOVE ideas for new reading material my sixth graders would enjoy….Thank you in advance!

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